Wheel Mounting:

The PSWGT has the ability to be used with both 70mm (momo) or 74mm (nardi) PCD Wheels. Included are (6) M5.0 x 50 Flat Head screws. Depending on your wheel you may need a spacer such as the PSW_S to securely mount the wheel or clear the padding on the wheel itself.

SimuCUBE SC1 - Connect the attached ethernet cable to the X12 upper location on your SimuCUBE Controller board. When looking at the connectors this would be the Upper/Left RJ45 Input toward the Servo Connections. The Lower/Left Connection can also be used for the wheel or one of our other SimuSERIES components. 
Sim-Pli.city SM-021
- Connect the attached ethernet cable to the Adaptor.
PSUSB_28x - Connect the attached ethernet cable to any of the 4 ports (normally #1). the other three ports can be used for other SimuSERIES Components.

Paddle Adjustments:
To adjust the Paddle Switch mounting width you will need a TORX T-8 driver in order to remove the screws holding the rear plate and the paddles in place. This driver MUST be of a thin style, T-Handle, or standard diameter as a larger diameter 1/4" Insert driver will not fit to remove the paddle screws. Once opened there are four screws that hold the paddle mounting plates in place. To adjust their width you can use any of the three overlapping positions.
Please see the PS1000 Instructions to learn about all of the adjustments available using the PS1000 Shift Units.
Please click here to download.

NOTE: DO NOT over tighten the screws for the back plate OR paddle mounting as you may strip the plastic housing. Turn only so that there is a snug resistance and no play.

Further Instructions:
More detailed physical instructions are included in the Instructions for this Wheel.
Please click here to download.