70mm PCD Wheelbox MountingOO*
70 or 50.8mm PCD Wheel Mounting (determined on order)OO
M2.25 Aerospace Carbon Fiber Woven Plate (face and back)OX
M2.0 G10 Black Fiberglass Plate (face and back)XO
Included paddles and switches (PS1002_05)OO
Paddle Position adjustment20mm20mm
5x Momentary Button (surround material)PlasticPlastic
Sheilded CAT7 Partially Coiled Cable (user replaceable)OO
Integrated Grounding (EMI alleviation assist)OO
Structural Black 3D Printed FrameOO
Mounting Screws provided for wheel mounting option chosenOO*

Additional Required & Optional Parts:
Steering Wheel - Just about any 300mm to 350mm diameter whee. Some flat wheels may require PSW_s 8mm Steering Wheel Spacer clear Wheel Padding. (see notes: **)

(*) Hardware provided should work for most wheel mounting. Different length long screws and/or a spacer such as the PSW_s may be needed for blind hole quick releases or different offset steering wheels.

(**) The PSWF1 is designed to work with common formula style weels from 260 - about 300mm, If you have questions about your wheel choice working with the PSMOD_ONE please email us to ask.