Wheel Mounting:

The PSWF1 is designed to be mounted to a 70mm PCD hub, however, it can accept the mounting of either a 70 or 50.8mm PCD Wheel. While the wheelbox can be converted after sale to either option it is best to choose the configuration when ordered. Depending on your wheel you may need a spacer such as the PSW_S to securely mount the wheel or clear the padding on the wheel itself.

SimuCUBE SC1 - Connect the attached ethernet cable to the X12 upper location on your SimuCUBE Controller board. When looking at the connectors this would be the Upper/Left RJ45 Input toward the Servo Connections. The Lower/Left Connection can also be used for the wheel or one of our other SimuSERIES components. 
Sim-Pli.city SM-021
- Connect the attached ethernet cable to the Adaptor.
PSUSB_28x - Connect the attached ethernet cable to any of the 4 ports (normally #1). the other three ports can be used for other SimuSERIES Components.

Paddle Adjustments:
To adjust the Paddle Plates use a M2.0 Hex Drive to loosen the three screws on each paddle. Tighten the center crew to allow movement with friction and then move the paddles to the position which feels best to you . Once your optimal position is found retighten the three screws starting with the center button head to lock your adjustment in place.

Further Instructions:
More detailed physical instructions are included in the Instructions for this Wheel.
Please click here to download.