Features incorporated into the Penguinr/c Extension:
Device support for all "Made with iFlag" Penguin r/c devices.
Exclusive Module - Proximity Monitor (Front and/or Rear Distance Monitor for approaching cars)
Exclusive Module - Visual Spotter+ (Independently selectable spotter display allocation)
Exclusive Module - Engine Management Systems (Independently Indication of Oil and Water Temperature and Pressure)
Exclusive Module - Low Fuel Warnings (User Adjustable Low Fuel indication and Low Fuel Pressure Warning)
Exclusive Module - Gear Selection Indicator (Current Gear Indication)
Semi-Exclusive Module - Pit Distance Monitor (displays countdown to your pit box with adjustable parmeters timing and Countdown 0 - 9) *
Non-Exclusive Module - Pit Speed Limiter (Flashing pit speed limiter indication)

(*) The Pit Distance Monitor module works in a limited fashion with the Classic iFlag Display Hardware. (adjustable parameters not available)