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Warranty Information

Penguin r/c offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all products we produce. We belive in a straight forward Warrany policy so there is little confusion when it comes to repair work.

Breakdown of our Warranty:

This warranty covers all manufacturing defects or issues that are not related to normal wear and tear, abuse, non-normal use, or modifications or repair not directed by Penguin r/c.** At times we may extend the warranty to temporarily cover issues that would normally be considered wear and tear. (please check with us if you have any issues with our products)

Warranty Stages

Purchaser and Purchase Date*

Shipping to Us 
(if needed)**

Service & Parts**

Return Shipping****

Original Owner Within 90 days of Purchase provided provided provided 
Secondary Owner within 90 days of Purchase  X  provided provided 
All Owners post 90 days of Purchase  X provided provided
Post Product Availibility***   X  provided X 

Warranty Notes:

( * ) - Purchaser must provide proof of purchase from a retailer or directly from us.

( ** ) - Due to the openness of this warranty we may ask if you are capable of completing simple repairs yourself as we have found in many cases this can be beneficial to the user and us as it speeds any downtime associated with repair. Directed repairs such as this will not affect the overall warranty should something go wrong.

( *** ) - Post Product Availibility are products that we have discontinued due to parts availibility or other reasons. If you should need service on one of these items we first attempt to provide service. If this is not possible we will  provide a discount of 50% of the Last retail price of the item in question toward the purchase of a new item.

( **** ) - Return shipping will be provided by any postal provider at any service level of our choosing.


If you have any questions regarding warrany service please contact us.