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Newly Updates SimuSERIES Modular button box products...

Newly Updates SimuSERIES Modular button box products...

We are pleased to announce our newly updates SimuSERIES button box and interface components. 

The revisions made are to provide better usability of the products at a lower overall cost.. 

The heart of the updates comes from the revised USB interface box PSUSB_28xi. This box is an advancement of the original PSUSB28 and 28x by way of a new iFlag software interfaceable firmware. This firmware allows the box to be configured in any way the user wants instead of the previous limitations that came with the Hardware ONLY based set-up. The software interface allows you to specify the type of SimuBOX used on each individual port allowing you to use up to 4 of any one or mixture of boxes. The New configuration also allows for more versitile DIY box creation as you are able to specify a custom connection sequence of buttons and encoders to the port that may or may not match our existing box configurations. 

In addition to this versatility with regard to the types of box used on each port we have also enhanced the Extended mode. We have done this by allowing you to specify exactly which button to use to trigger the secondary mode for ALL other buttons. Further enhancing this system we have included a latching mode which allows the button pressed to HOLD the secondary function without having to hold the triggering switch button as well when using the secondary functions. The original momentary mode is still available for use. You may ONLY specify buttons to the extended functionality shift.

The SimuSERIES boxes have also been redesigned to lower their price but retain all the functionality as prior. In addition to this redesign we have added more options for order customization. you now can choose the type and coloring of buttons or knobs on the units.

With the PSUSB_28xi we have also added a new box option. This box is the PSB7w which is a fully functioning 7-way (Funky) switch box. This was not possible without the advanced firmware of the 28xi to allow for special programming to be implemented. This means that this box is NOT directly compatible with the previous PSUSB_28 boxes. All is not lost though as all prior USB Boxes can be upgraded to the 28xi but do require the box be returned to us for upgrade.. This upgrade is free except for shipping to us.

As prior the SimuSERIES Wheelboxes are still usable with this system but have not had any major updates except for some added customization of the button options.

Please check out these new systems under Simulation Products -> SimuSeries (modular).

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